Bon Echo Collective is a creative, progressive and soulful design house. We create and develop top quality watches and occasionally whatever idea that comes to mind that deserves to be brought to life. Everything we do – we do to free the individual of the status quo. We believe in a future we individuality is cherished and everyone is allowed to blossom into their best self’s. We exist to create products for those who would choose individuality over similarity, character over conformer and liberation over domination. The way we do this is to gather artists, designers and entrepreneurs under one collective banner to align our philosophy and existence to shape the future of fashion, business and society for the better.



Bon Echo Collective is different – it is not choice nor is it a strategy. The very seed that once sown blossomed and became The Bon Echo Collective was different. The difference begins within the DNA and therefore it is in our nature and flows through everything we do. We pride ourselves in our difference and we provide our difference in each and every contact we have. You and I are not machines anymore – we actively fight the old perspectives where you count human abilities into statistics and judge individuals by the numbers they produce. We are not corporate. We believe that Nobody – is the new – Somebody and this means that we simply do not make a difference if you are Barack Obama or a struggling graffiti artist in Oslo. Is this the future of business?

We don’t know – but it’s how we do it.


o say that we are anything but design driven is nothing but a blatant lie. It is through the thoughtful visuals of our creations and the careful and deliberate packaging we convey our message to our customers. We do not stray or look away from the smallest of detail in all of our creations. There are no blind spots we accept. Just like the traditional carpenter who put equal effort into the back of his newly made drawer even though he knew it would not be visible against the wall.

The carpenters design philosophy is simple. Create that which you yourself would want – don’t cut any corners – and the product will sell itself by its sheer genuine quality and the imbued love that comes with it.